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12/16/2002 4:26 AM

Brian and I went to a Christmas/dinner party tonight, hosted by a John Kelley, who is a parishioner at Guardian Angels. A good number of very pleasant people were there, and we had a very nice time, sitting, talking, eating, drinking wine, and getting to know new people. I look forward to staying up as late as I can, tonight, and getting a good bit of the second Harry Potter book read. I have a short week, as I am leaving town on Friday for Peoria. The Two Towers comes out on Wednesday, and will be attended by Brian and me on Thursday morning. With no more shopping to do(and no more money to do it with), I have the next few days cut out for me.

4:26 AM, Dec 16, 2002

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We retired to Charlie's for a half-hearted attempt to booze. Renae and Jeremy listened attentively.
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