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Interlocking Toes

Steve, Renae, and I have arrived safely in Boston, after a couple of delayed and stalled flights. Renae is still terrified of feet, and it's still a blast to watch her react to the slightest chance that someone might touch her own feet. Anyway, we have spent the last day and a half just wandering around Boston, spending the majority of our time in some of the many local pubs, enjoying the flavor and variety of beers available here.

Today we'll head over to Fenway for a tour of the park, before we go to an actual game on Tuesday, after that, I'm told that we'll check out the Freedom Trail, which is always interesting to me. One segment of it: The USS Constitution, hasn't been within my field of vision in over 15 years, so I'm really excited about seeing that again.

Not much more to report. I'm getting a lot of pictures, and having a great time talking and hanging out with my friends. Expect pictures and a new dotw when I get back home.

8:43 AM, Jul 4, 2004

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k was sure you'd want to know:

a quest for you...

1. What is an awful awful, and where can you find one?

2. Which is better, Honeydew or Dunkin Donuts?

3. Drive through the Big Dig.

Have a great time in New England!

7:05 PM, Jul 4, 2004

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