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Pittsburgh Pictures

I have completed the pictures from the Labor Day weekend wedding in Pittsburgh. Have a look, over in the pictures section.

What with Hurricane Katrina completely devastating the gulf coast, the 35th ID(the unit I support at work) has been activated and sent down there, at least until the end of the year. The folks down there need all the help they can get, but this means that I will have basically nothing to do, for work, for a long long time. With this in mind, I have been programming my fingers off, culminating in the signing off by the higher-ups of an application I wrote, for general use within the program.

I am really glad that I have plenty of programming work to do, because I don't know what I'd be doing, otherwise. One good side of this, however, is that I can do pretty much everything from home. Indeed, programming web applications over the internet is much easier to do from home than from the National Guard-restricted and slowed office connection I have at work. With gas prices tickling three dollars a gallon, I have no problem with removing a 70-mile round-trip commute from my day, either.

This is actually a very nice situation for the oncoming beer season, with some of the tastiest seasonals of the year, and easily the nicest weather of the year. Bob's '47 is on tap at a couple places in town now. Yum!

10:58 PM, Sep 10, 2005

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