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MythTV En Route

I bought a new desk over last weekend, and set it up in the opposite corner of the bedroom, and about it I set vesuvius and my old monitor, and made it a nice linux desktop machine. When I get a free weekend, which isn't any time very soon, I'll get MythTV working, and all your requests for Simpsons and Seinfeld episodes will be for valid files, but I still won't give them up. I will also record episodes of Spongebob. Hilarity will ensue.

1:09 AM, Aug 8, 2003


bahua blurted:

Perhaps I will have to bring my Family Guy collection to Boston.

3:01 PM, Jan 8, 2003

Carl wants you to know:

Can you find some Family Guy and send it my way?

8:55 PM, Aug 11, 2003

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