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Kickball Returns!

I jumped on the 6:14 bus by the Marriott, and jumped off in front of Union Station, about ten minutes later. I walked up Kessler, and was already sweating through my clothes from the climb by the time I reached the softball fields. Erik was waiting for me alone on the bleachers, surrounded by a crowd of kickballers that had already acquired their $65 t-shirts. The incredibly well-run Kansas City parks department had double-booked the field, forcing us to have a regrettably sober delay in playing. But, it did ensure that everyone on the team convened in time to play.

The Misfortunate Stain won its first game of the year, 4-3. With a 13-player lineup, I was only able to step up to the plate once, but I got on base, and scored! Geoff advanced me, and Terra drove us both in. I'm not a particularly talented kickball player, and I'm indisputably out of condition, but if I can keep the ball on the ground, I almost always get on base, and tonight I think I was able to attribute it to something: I run really really hard, and if I may say so, I think I can run pretty fast. Being a large person, I was still slowing myself down in right field, after sprinting to first base on my piddly kick.

But as long as I can run, I think I will be an asset to my team. Anyway, eight of us adjourned to Grinders after the game, and I repeated a statement I made when I was there on Tuesday: "The more I come here, the more I hate other bars." Grinders really has me pegged: good beer on tap, friendly service, live music that doesn't suck, and walking distance from my house.

Here are some choice shots from tonight. You can click them all to get to bigger pictures, descriptions, and links to even bigger pictures.

099erp_hummus.jpg 100brooksgeoff.jpg 101erpjohn.jpg 102terra.jpg 103kellybrooks.jpg 104terraliz.jpg 105maudite.jpg 106erik.jpg

11:23 AM, Apr 21, 2006

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