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Hello from Quakecon!

Well, with a little proxy/port trickery, I've managed to get logged into my machine at home. I'd like to thank misters Johnson and Myers for their generous help and enduring coolness. May they have many promiscuous days to come.

Quakecon is awesome. The internet connection here is abyssmally pathetic, as one might imagine any connection split between 2000 people might be. Brian, Louis, and I have all disabled windows networking in an attempt to keep would be leeches and hackers out of our vulnerable windows systems, in favor of WASTE. Bless WASTE. We have all done some volunteering, some drinking, some gaming, and some looking around. The vendor area is amazing. AMD has a very impressive setup, comlete with pretty girls for everyone to look at. Many others are there, including some new game free-plays, but the most noticeable missing hand is Apple. Unfortunately they aren't here, because I was just itching to take a G5 for a test drive.

Day 1 has been great, and I'll not be posting pictures, because of the problems with bandwidth. It'd take hours to get just one picture uploaded, so it'll all have to wait until I get back to KC.

12:43 AM, Aug 15, 2003

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2:28 PM, Aug 15, 2003

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