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Thunder and Water

I went to bed at the puritanically early hour of 9:45, last night, and after reading the same sentence twelve times, I gave up and turned off the light. I was startled awake at about 6:15 to the sound of crashing thunder. One bolt was so exceptionally loud, I was kept awake for several minutes by the sound of panicking car alarms(mine not included). I hit the snooze when my alarm went off, rounding my night's sleep off to about ten hours.

I drove into the office, and the rain had stopped entirely, but for the first time since last spring, the rivers were high. It's both encouraging and alarming to drive across an unbending bridge, and see murky brown water flowing in swirling haste to some unknown end, all the nearby trees inundated to their armpits, and the water level threatening to impact the bottom of the bridge in a big "SHKLUMPF," noise, before carrying it away.

Then, there was nobody at the office, so I came back home, and got a start on my weeks-overdue laundry.

9:55 AM, May 3, 2006

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