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Thirty Boxes

I am up way too late, ogling 30 Boxes, thanks to Carl. It's an online calendar application that combines pretty much every web service one can imagine into one interface for a person. I will play with it for a while, but man, this is the coolest non-porn thing I have seen on the internet in a long time.

It just came out today(2/5/2006), and is completely functional. It's lightning-fast, powered by AJAX, and has been written to understand all kinds of syntax for entering dates and items. For instance, I typed, "Boulevard Big Band, 8pm tuesday," and it had no problem figuring it out, and entered the event to the proper date. You can also invite other users to events listed on your calendar. Want an event or appointment to be private? No problem. Just check the "Private?" box. In addition, you can edit an event, and say if it's a recurring event(say, every week).

After adding some buddies, some rss feeds, and some usernames on more popular blog services(livejournal, myspace, webshots, etc), my calendar started to get peppered with links to webpage entries of people in my buddy list, on the days they were entered.

More innovations are on the way, apparently, and I look forward to them. I have sent invitations to a couple of friends, just to see how it is with a multi-user look.

Awesome. Just awesome.

11:11 PM, Feb 5, 2006

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Rachel had this to say:

This is fantastic.

2:35 AM, Feb 7, 2006

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