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This week in the World

Besides there being new episodes on Bittorrent for Lost, Arrested Development, and the Family Guy, this week also brought into the world another win for my illustrious kickball team, the Misfotunate Stain. I know it's a dumb name. I voted against it. I scored a run by sliding into home, and taking a thrown kickball to the face, which, since it's above the shoulders, doesn't count as an out. Since it was a late game, we wound up just going home afterwards, eschewing the irresponsible night on the town that we used to get down on.

As work is concerned, it's still very slow, and I have been doing whatever I can to get ready for the upcoming conference in Orlando, working to get the monthly report application I'm writing completely converted to perl. I'd also like to get some more feature improvements that have been rattling around in my head working, too. I hope I have time.

Last night, I went to Lawrence with Geoff and Erp, to see Franz Ferdinand play their instruments, and basically put on an old-fashioned rock show. It was incredible. The lead guitarist was the cockiest looking guy I have ever seen on stage. What a bunch of rockers.

12:46 PM, Sep 23, 2005

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