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Imperial, PA

I flew into Cleveland on Tuesday, in an attempt to avoid the weather that was forecasted for Wednesday. It came on Tuesday, after all, and got sunny and beautiful from Wednesday on. Go figure.

Julia, Rachel, and I spent a nice couple of days in Cleveland, enjoying the diversions available there. We went to the Great Lakes Science Museum, and the Case Western Reserve Neighborhood. We drove the two hours into Pittsburgh yesterday, and met up with everyone before, during, and after the rehearsal, last night.

The result of the "after," part was that we all drank a little too much, including a patented Kelly Family hotel party that didn't end until an angry call came from the front desk.

My brother gets married today, and I'm trying to get him out of his hangover enough to treat him to a last meal. We'll see.

9:24 AM, Sep 3, 2005

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Luckily, inebriated Geoff persuaded us to go into Dave's Stagecoach, instead of heading into Westport proper. This completely wasted dude was smacking the hell of this beer-soaked tarp. Sigh. He came with us when we left.
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Autumn wanes
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