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I was just chatting with one of the older guys on our team, and it came up in conversation that he grew up in Iowa. I asked him, when he started walking away, "Where in Iowa," and he said he grew up on a farm just south of Waterloo. I replied that I have friends from Raymond and Dysart, and he elaborated that he was officially from Laporte City, and went to school in Raymond with my friend's dad, Kenny. I then mentioned that I went to school in Dubuque, and he started naming people and places he knows there. Alex, in whose cube we were having this discussion, turned around and yelled to our boss, across the aisle, "Thad, get these Iowans out of my cube!"

That's when I walked away.

11:13 AM, Mar 10, 2004


R._Heller was sure you'd want to know:

Here is a new time killer for you John. Also you should download the new demo for Unreal Tournament 2004, I think you will like.

This is a good read as well.

3:00 PM, Mar 10, 2004

bahua offered:

Don't mean to sound like a dick, but I *have* been alive for the last two months.

Though, the forum thread full of PS'd images was new to me.

4:21 PM, Mar 10, 2004

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