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Cable Modem

It's always an alarming thing to watch your internet connection degrade. For the last month or so, we've had periodic outages and times of spotty service. Fortunately, it's never happened while I've been on call. I know a lot of people have a lot of "needs," regarding services for their home, but I only have two: climate control and internet. And climate control really just applies to air conditioning. I can suffer through cold without a great deal of misery. Heat kills me.

But Whitey can turn off my phone, my cable TV, and my insurance, but he's losing his kids if he turns off my internet connection.

Anyway, our cable internet service has been spotty for a while, and finally, at about 8pm on Sunday, it just died. We plodded through our futile ceremony - unplugging the cable modem and plugging it back in, resetting the router, and dancing around for happy internet bestowal - all to no avail. It was singularly frustrating.

Finally, we agreed that I'd take the cable modem to work with me the next day as the cable store is only one casino-sized property length away on the same street. Just to be sure, I called Time Warner about it from work. I sat on hold for twenty minutes before a local operator picked up and informed me that if the replacement doesn't work, that the soonest a technician could be dispatched to our house would be Friday night. I accepted the Friday night appointment, and hoped to God that the new cable modem would work. The old unit was over four years old, after all, and had been heavily used, if that matters. I reasoned to myself with facts like these, to reassure myself that the new unit would work.

I got home, and before doing anything, I hooked up the new cable modem, and after we sat for a few minutes in cross-fingered silent tenterhooks, the lights lined up properly. Jeff's computer chose this exact moment to break, so we had to test the connection from my computer. It worked! And as of this entry, it still works!

Otherwise, not much has happened.

1:08 PM, Jan 29, 2008

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