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Drunk in Ottawa

We got up around 10am again, used the not-so-nice bathrooms of the hostel, checked out, grabbed some lunch at Tim Horton's, and caught the train to Ottawa at 12:20. Since we booked separately, we were assigned seats apart, so I had a window seat toward the front of the cabin, and Alex sat somewhere near the back. I sat comfortably alone listening to music until, at 12:18, an immense post-op transsexual that needed a cane to walk sat down next to me, taking up all of his/her seat, and some of mine.

Despite my large androgenous neighbor, the ride was very nice. Once the train pulled away from Lake Ontario and started zooming north toward Ottawa, it became apparent that this part of Ontario is a gigantic, apparently unspoiled, wetland swamp.

We rolled into Ottawa about ten minutes off the scheduled arrival time, and saw that the train station is definitely not downtown. We walked across an enclosed ped-bridge toward a bus stop, which widened my eyes when I saw it. Ottawa has a real Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) system, complete with completely dedicated streets called "transitways." As such, we were spirited downtown in under ten minutes from a considerable distance away.

We got loaded drunk in Ottawa. We also broke our no-liquor promise in Ottawa. We got some dinner and the first two beers at a place called The Standard, served by a stunningly beautiful waitress, before moving along to a place called the Manx, where we had a couple more tasties. The next place was called St. Louis Wings & Ribs. We each had a bottle of cheap-style beer(but not actually cheap) while we kept the outdoor bartender company. Then we walked down the street to a place called Lieutenant's Pub, where we committed the great gaffe of the evening: we made some friends.

Some people from Sudbury were celebrating the birthday of a friend. They bought us jager bombs and shots of Canadian Club. From there, the night is hazy. At some point, the word "poop" was written on my arm, I was purchased a Glenmorangie on the rocks, and Alex went to a nearby park with a new friend.

We woke up at 1pm, after a long fitful, hungover sleep.

12:55 PM, Jul 3, 2007


ck chimed in with:

Re: Start of Paragraph Two. Did you mean to use "Despite" or "Because of"?

Did Alex take his new friend to the Marine Mammal Park? Read as Was Alex's new friend a whale"

1:58 PM, Jul 3, 2007

Alexjandro took the time to say:

Where is the love? Why do you have to be a Marine Mammal hater? They need love to!.... Wait a minute, that never happened!

11:23 AM, Jul 5, 2007

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