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What the?

I'm sure you are familiar with websites that name themselves, based on popular misspellings of the names of major websites. I have seen Ebya, Googl, Microsot, and my favorite: Yagoo!. These pages, in case you don't want to load them up and enjoy popups and worthless ads, squat on these erroneously typed domains, hoping to generate hits through people's clumsy fingers.

I was informed yesterday of a website that has just recently come into being. Yes, unless some other meaning can be discovered of the word, bahua dot com has an evil shadow. Renae pointed out to me that if you take your browser to't click if you don't want to be offended, or fired, if you're at work), you will be whisked away to one of those anonymous-looking porn index sites with which the information superhighway seems to be paved.

I did a bit of research(ie: I ran a whois command), and found the following information on this site:


e:bOOm, S.A. Apartado 6092 Lisboa, Lisboa 1601-901 Lisboa PT Created on: 28-JUL-04

Technical Contact:

Morales, Vilma

So they're Portuguese! I think it's entirely possible that Mister or Miss Morales registered this site by sheer coincidence, but I like to think that someone in faraway Portugal is trying to feed off the "popularity" of bahua dot com. One thing that I hope this teaches you, dear reader, is to use a bookmark for this page.

9:44 AM, Sep 22, 2004


chicus responded:

It looks like you are popular to misspell in Malaysia, too!

8:00 AM, Sep 24, 2004

bahua cut in with:

I will wait until I get home to look at that, out of the concern for the safety of my job.

9:51 AM, Sep 24, 2004

no_name brooked no delay in saying:

Apparently Bahau is a tribe in Borneo....

3:53 PM, Sep 25, 2004

Brautwursmus_Prime wants you to know:


2:42 PM, Sep 28, 2004

bahua said:

My linux machine is dead at the moment. I'm expecting a new mobo in the mail sometime soon. I would have come back to the channel sooner if it hadn't been for my linux machine making pac-man noises. Sorry about that. I'll stop in, temporary-like, tonight.

9:04 PM, Sep 28, 2004

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