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Boston in September ... Again

I have arrived safely in Boston, having flown on September 11th, and it isn't quite as warm as I had hoped. I think I will have to purchase a long-sleeved shirt, as I didn't bring any. When I told Carl that I didn't bring any long-sleeved shirts, he bore a look of such incredulity that I felt embarrassed. We tromped around some parts of town yesterday, and with my in-need-of-repair boots, I earned two nasty blisters on my heels, which WebMD tells me to treat with aspirin.(Thanks a lot, professionals.)

Yet again, I will be seeing Guster this weekend(tonight), after which Tim and Curtis will be arriving from Chicago, to help us celebrate being in Boston. I hope to have internet access when I feel like posting updates, but in order to project an image of coolnees, I mustn't appear too eager to use computers for any reason, let alone recreation.

Harpoon Beer is delicious.

9:58 AM, Sep 12, 2003


lev took the time to say:

GUSTER ROX!!!!!!one

1:37 PM, Sep 13, 2003

asfasfasfasf wants you to know:


5:22 PM, Sep 15, 2003

Carl replied:

Incredulity? Sorry man, I don't even know how to make incredulous(?) looks, so I can't hide 'em. In your defense it was much warmer last year.

11:33 PM, Sep 15, 2003

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