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Splutschnik 3

Hello again! I just thought I'd give you a heads-up that Splutschnik, once again, was an unmitigated success. Sixteen people arrived almost on time at the Quaff to test their mettle on Saturday, and I arbitrarily sorted everyone into teams that I think worked out well. My team consisted of Craig, Amber, Nick, myself, and later Anna. In four hours, we visited more bars than I have ever visited in an entire weekend. The list breaks down like so:

  1. The Quaff - This was where the event started. It isn't my favorite place in the world, but it's great for assembling crowds on a pleasant afternoon.
  2. John's Big Deck - Nothing very interesting happened here.
  3. 12th Street Bar - I think that's what it's called. It's the bar inside the Marriott. The bartender there was a real sport.
  4. Aladdin Hotel Bar - I'm sure this place has a name, but we never saw it. We got attacked by the Jeff-Eric-Nicole-Max team here.
  5. 12Baltimore - The staff here was eager to help us accomplish our objectives.
  6. The Mango Room - The attractive bartenders thought our undertaking was hilarious, and couldn't wait to help us out. I did the alligator with the bartender here.
  7. Fred P Ott's - This place is open on Saturdays now, and we got attacked by the Jeff-Erin-Matt-Amanda team here after a hilarious cross-street encounter in which both teams tried to hide from each other, behind garbage cans and structural elements.
  8. Zoo Bar - A required stop on any pubcrawl for me. Easily Kansas City's friendliest bar(that I've visited).
  9. Vinino - Our route took us through the bar-rich Sprint Center/Grand/Power & Light area, so we hit every bar we could along that route.
  10. McFadden's - Easily the most attractive staff we encountered. I had my sites set on one particular bartender, but she was weirded out by the request to dance. And maybe the beard.
  11. Willie's - A crowd clustered around some tables was very interested in what we were up to here.
  12. Thai Paradise - We attacked the Jeff-Eric-Nicole-Max team again here.
  13. Cigar Box - Second attack on Jeff-Eric-Nicole-Max team here. They didn't learn.
  14. JP Wine Bar - I hit on the woman for whom we bought a drink here for the majority of our visit, and I don't remember much else.
  15. Daddy's - Nick used his enthusiasm and charisma to get us all in the doors of Kansas City's only bear bar. There was almost nobody there, so it wasn't weird at all, except that it was so dark we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces.
  16. Nara - Downtown's sushi bar is the other place that I had never visited before. I spent the bulk of my time hitting on three beautiful women who split the drink we got them.
  17. Red Dragon Inn - Time was short, so we scuttled back toward my apartment, and at the last moment, ducked into the Chinese place up the block from my front door. In a serious coup, we managed to get an attack in against the elusive distant front runner, the Scooter-Brandon-Bill-Brad team.

Seventeen bars, in about five hours. Ridiculous. I love that that ridiculous number is still just barely scratching the surface of the ninety or so bars in walking distance that could have been used. The pictures are ready, but if you're not into clicking links, here are a few selections.

002moses.jpg 005dance.jpg 007alligator.jpg 019max.jpg 021inthestreet.jpg 027ladies.jpg

12:14 PM, Jan 27, 2008

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