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1/21/2003 1:22 AM

Kathleen is still here, and Brian seems quite aglow at her presence. She hasn't cleaned any of our filthy crap, which is slightly disappointing, but understandable. We went to Fiorella's last night, for the obligatory barbecue overload, for Kathleen. She enjoyed it, I think. I have usually seen much more excited reactions from people after taking them there. I tried a new bar this weekend, with Joel and Susie. It's called the Twin City Tavern, and I must say that despite the fact that they have Boulevard Stout on tap, I was not impressed with the place. It seemed like a very, oh say, fraternal place. Geoff has since told me that he has heard that it's a KU bar. On sunday, we went to The Cup and Saucer in the City Market area. I liked that place a lot, and I will go back. 17 days until Ireland!

1:22 AM, Jan 21, 2003

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