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After a week of 15-17 hour workdays, we are finally finished here in Madison, and the exercise was, by all accounts a success. It feels good to be done, and to have accomplished such a thing. We wrapped everything work-related up yesterday at about 5PM, before adjourning to Red Lobster to drink beer and eat their ridiculous garlic bread biscuits. Immediately following, I moved on to the Come Back Inn, downtown, and made friends with the other patrons.

As soon as I sat down, Dave the bartender poured me a very tempting glass of Tullamore Dew, which I had to respectfully refuse, as I was driving, and mixing beer with liquor has never led to good results for me, so I moved on to beer from Flying Dog, Bell's, Anderson Valley, Big Sky, Sprecher, and Capital, before taking my leave. Dave and Greg, behind the bar, told me that the building has been earmarked for demolition to make way for condominiums, and could be gone in as soon as six months.

If you're ever in Madison, make sure to get a trip to the Come Back Inn/Essen Haus beer/happiness-plex. It's not to be missed.

10:32 PM, Mar 21, 2005


ck interrupted with:

Sounds like a recipe for a safe drive home to me!

I guess I don't quite follow your logic.

Beer before liquor, never been sicker.

8-10 pints of beer, you're in the clear.

Hope Madison was fun, and you're not too exhausted.

5:21 PM, Mar 22, 2005

bahua brooked no delay in saying:

I had three beers, along with free 1-oz tastes of about four or five more. I was fine to drive, except being sleepy. I slept *very* well, that night.

5:25 PM, Mar 22, 2005

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