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Waiting for Splutschnik

I am currently sitting alone at the end of a large table at the Quaff, facing the door, nursing a beer. The second installment of the greatest idea for a pubcrawl ever starts in less than a half hour, andI need to direct the masses.

I had a nice time last night picking up the keg, a new dolly, and dinner. After that, I met Nick, Anna, Colin, Eric, Jeff, Josh, and Scott at Grinders for a single beer before catching a bus home to finish my laundry.

I slept for ten hours, showered, and went to Zona Rosa to pick up the new Harry Potter book. As I fully expected, they had them in ridiculous abundance, completely obviating anyone's perceived notion of a reservation.

Anyway, I think the first person just walked in, and I keep getting calls and text messages, so I gotta go!

2:54 PM, Jul 21, 2007

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11:07 AM, Jul 22, 2007

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