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Yuengling Lager

I traveled to Pennsylvania, this week, and drank a lot of regional beer. In the end, I decided that the DOTW winner for the trip would have to be the renowned fruit of the mountains of Pottsville, PA: Yuengling Lager. I drank it a lot, last week, and decided to formally document it at Chickie's and Pete's, in South Philadelphia. Famous for their seafood, they also serve the 120-oz "Beer Tower."


It is a refrigerated, five-foot-tall column of beer, with a tap at the bottom, for easy conveyance. Note the ease of Geoff's conveying.



Yuengling pours a copper color, and loses much of its head in the first couple of minutes of its in-glass existence. This encourages the drinker to keep up, and make the most of their time with Yuengling. The flavor is shocking for how common the beer appears and smells.

The aroma is underwhelming, and makes the drinker think he's got a day-old Bud Light in front of him. Then, the beer hits the tongue, and permeates the entire mouth with its golden, almost honey-like flavor. The finish is a small kiss of the flavor, but little else. It gets out of the way for shots of Crow, or for bowls full of mussels or crablegs.


When it's over, it's sad. Peering at four empty glasses, signifying the end of a great trip is always a melacholy moment.


But, that didn't stop Steph from enjoying her crablegs.


Ratings (out of ten)

Flavor: 9 (like an umbrella that opens in your mouth, without the hassle of killing you.)

Body: 7 (robust, yet easy. A real crowd-pleaser.)

Aroma: 5 (it's not bad, but it's not good either. It just is.)

Smoothness: 9 (a girl scout could drink this all night, and still feel like a man.)

Price: 7 (at $4-5 a draw, I guess it's normal for the east coast, so I'll not hold that against it.)

9:34 AM, Apr 26, 2004
tagged with dotw


Beaky responded:

I am a Guinness fan at heart, but this Lager has been my staple at regular bars... I love it!!

2:35 AM, Jan 9, 2004

PGZ24 interrupted with:

Yuengling is the true king of all beer's, they make all the different kinds of beer and they are all good.

4:03 PM, Jan 19, 2004

bahua had this to say:

I have only had a couple of them, but I've been very impressed with the two or three I've tasted.

5:13 PM, Jan 19, 2004

Tiny commented:

Drank it for the third time tonight. Still excellent. My new favorite beer!

9:08 PM, Jan 28, 2004

Ben interjected:

I've only had Yuengling from a bottle, but nobody else commented, and I felt something further should be stated.

It's a very good "any-occasion" beer, being rich enough to have taste, but not overly pronounced in either the hops or malt categories. It's available remarkably cheaply in bottles on the East Coast, and is a beer that definitely deserves wider distribution.

11:48 AM, Jun 2, 2004

bahua was sure you'd want to know:

I fully agree. For a "regular" beer, it sure stands out, in my opinion.

8:56 AM, Jun 7, 2004

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