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Kathleen and June

Kathleen is in town, this weekend, along with our cousin June, from St. Louis. While Brian was at work last night, Kathleen, June, and I went over to the River Market for dinner and a beer. As we were walking back to the apartment, we passed the Phoenix. "Do you guys want to step inside, and see how it is," I asked. We went in, and wound up listening to live jazz and blues until closing time. Over the course of this time, I drank way too much wine. One burrito and a night's sleep later, all's well.

9:40 AM, Mar 20, 2004


bahua had this to say:


9:39 PM, Mar 21, 2004

Tor_Coolguy blurted:

Yeah, Likely story.

2:22 AM, Mar 24, 2004

June had this to say:

By the way that burrito ROCKED!

6:30 PM, Apr 3, 2004

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