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Monday in the District

I worked maintenance again, this past weekend. We had change to Daylight Savings Time while we were working, so I went to bed no earlier than 5am on Saturday night. As such, I felt horrible when my alarm went off on Monday morning. I had trouble getting to sleep before 3am on Sunday night, and wound up tossing and turning almost until dawn. So, shortly after my alarm went off, I called the boss and informed him that I'd like to use Monday as my comp day for working maintenance, instead of the customary Friday.

I slept for a couple more hours, and when I got up I resolved to keep the computer off until I'd accomplished a good few things that I'd put off for far too long. I spent Monday morning and early afternoon cleaning. I picked up the apartment, took out the garbage, did my laundry, did the dishes, put away various cumbersome things that were taking up lots of space in my room, and spent some time folding and hanging up laundry. Most importantly though(to me), was that I took out all the cardboard boxes and packing material that had shamefully been sitting around the apartment since December, and the huge quantities of cardboard that had been sitting by the front door, from when we moved in almost a year ago. The dumpster was half full when I was done.

Satisfied with the apartment looking like a place to live again, I finally turned on the computer and leveled my character to 47, before Jeff got home. I was quickly apprised of a planned trip to the new ChefBurger in the Power & Light District, and through my meddling intervention, twisted the outing into a visit to the new Gordon Biersch right across the street, in addition. A group of us met at Gordon Biersch, arriving at staggered intervals, until nine of us were sitting around the table. Kate, who I hadn't seen in a long time, came over and said hello, and before long, Jeff, Brad, Chris, Nick, Anna, and I were heading over to ChefBurger for what turned out to be just about the best burger I've ever had.

Geoff and Katie were walking by and saw us through the floor-to-ceiling windows, so they came in and joined us for dinner. Chris accidentally ate meat for the first time in four years after remarking at how much his veggie burger tested like beef. He excused himself to go home and let nature take its course. Brad and Jeff called it a night and walked off in different directions, and Nick and Anna headed over to Lucky Strike to see how that would be. I promised to join them, but stayed at ChefBurger to keep Geoff and Katie company while they ate.

After the food was gone we sat and talked for a while, before strolling across the "Kansas City Live!" block on the way to Lucky Strike to meet up with Nick and Anna. Geoff and Katie had a look around, and Nick and Anna were, despite the attractive decor and cool atmosphere, were ready to go somewhere with better beer. Geoff and Katie said good-night, and I went downstairs with Nick and Anna to have a beer at Raglan Road.

I was home by midnight, and asleep minutes later. It was a really excellent night at the Power & Light District.

10:30 AM, Mar 11, 2008

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PumpkinStalker replied:

I can't believe they gave Chris the wrong patty. That's something you don't want to screw up, but it was indeed their first night. I thought the burger was amazing as well, and the $8.00 was tough to beat on taste. I should have watched them make it to see how much booze went into it though.

12:54 PM, Mar 17, 2008

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