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Thanksgiving was fun. I took the train to Peoria, and realized harshly that it's much colder there. I realized that again when I got off the train in KC, where it was 50 again. I saw the movie Elf, and was very pleased at how good it was. However, I was on the edge of rage when the movie was "about" to start, and we were treated to more and longer commercials than during a Super Bowl break. I regret not having complained to the theater's management. I can kind of understand making us sit through movie previews for ten or fifteen minutes, but we were just sitting watching product commercials, waiting to watch a movie we paid $6 to see, for a matinee.

Also, I caught enough of The Rules of Attraction last night to see the suicide scene, which I hadn't previously seen. It's amazing and shocking, like the scene in Full Metal Jacket when Pyle shoots himself. Just like that scene, I can't get this one out of my head, either.

9:14 AM, Nov 30, 2003

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