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I Got in A Wreck

I'm not interested in going over the fine details, but it should suffice to say that I am unquestionably at fault. I've dropped off my car at Roe Body Shop, picked up a rental on my own dime, made several calls to various insurance and advice peddlers, and I'm now preparing to drink down a $1000 deductible, along with however much my insurance premiums will increase.

Such is life.

12:36 PM, Oct 1, 2007


dick interjected:

you need accident forgiveness.

a lot of times your rates won't go up from an accident. i know this from personal experience (wife) and realted insurance agents.

that $1,000 deductible sure doesn't seem worth the lower rate now, does it?

10:15 AM, Oct 2, 2007

the obvious questioner blurted:

were you on your cell phone?

5:55 PM, Oct 2, 2007

bahua thinks:

Ha. No, I was not. And thankfully, nobody was hurt.

6:01 PM, Oct 2, 2007

VICTIM wants you to know:

(shakes fist!)

8:55 PM, Oct 2, 2007

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