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Fed Up, I love the 51

I'm sick to hell of commuting. I hate I-70, US-71, I-435, and the highway-like streets around the suburban office park where I work. I hate paying sixty dollars to fill my tank every two weeks. I hate running up the miles on my car doing nothing better than getting to work, increasing the need and expense for maintenance. I hate having to hurry home to get a parking spot on the south side of my street to avoid the risk of a parking ticket. I hate driving.

I used to ride the bus every day, from 10th and Main to 88th and State Line, and it took about 48 minutes. I absolutely loved it. I felt like I had my life back. I was losing weight, sleeping better, and saving money. I tried to bring that lifestyle back when I got my current job, and it just didn't work, because the KCATA, God bless them, just can't get the hang of timing transfers. My one-way commute went from 35 minutes by car to Leavenworth, to 75 minutes without leaving the city limits.

I have decided that I'm tired enough of the way it is now to try something new. Starting today, I'm going to start leaving my car in Brookside every night(except perhaps on weekends), and take the #51 to and from 63rd and Ward Parkway. I liked life in 2003 and 2004 when I rode the bus to work. I want it to be that way again, even if it means still driving a little. Driving less, while not perfect, is still an improvement. This is the best idea I can think of, so I'm exicted to give it a test run today.

That is, until I can find a job closer to home.

4:56 PM, Jul 22, 2008

1 comment

chrizow said:

you know what i like?

working a mile from my house....


hell yeah!

9:22 AM, Jul 24, 2008

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