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Getting Wet

Winter gave us a reprise for the last week or two, rendering me completely unable to run. I understand that the body heat generated by running will keep the runner warm, but I am currently so out of shape that I can't maintain a running pace for more than a minute or two, meaning that if I ran in the cold, I would get cold. Dangerously cold. So, in my out-of-condition condition, I can only run when the temperature is moderately comfortable. It's just under 70 right now, so I went for a run today.

About one lap of the park into my run the 20-mph winds were combined with pelting rain, which then gave way to steady rain. Not excited about getting struck by lightning, I ran home, and got drenched en route. Nevertheless, my heart is still pounding, and I'm still breathing heavily.

11:36 AM, Mar 30, 2006
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chicus had this to say:

Whaddup with no updates?

11:18 AM, Apr 7, 2006

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