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Teh Harbls

In the last couple of months, my friends and especially coworkers and I have been passing around pictures of cats in various poses, with captions inlaid. We look at these, and laugh uncontrollably, clutching stitches in our sides, because of the comic genius of placing relevant hackerish, fanboyese, IM-type text in the picture. Even as I type this, I'm laughing about one such picture, but when I was having a drink with Chris on Saturday, he brought up an excellent point. Not everybody would find these pictures even remotely amusing. Many would just find them stupid.

Chris elaborated that it takes a certain understanding of leetspeak and of idiots on the internet. After showing these pictures to a number of nontechnical people, I have concluded that the non-geeks just don't get it. And that's fine. It's better that way.

5:00 PM, Feb 26, 2007


eahickm7 wants you to know:

I made the mistake of looking at the cat pictures at work. Let's just say I had to remove myself from my desk because of the uncontrollable laughter. I especially love the Caturday pictures. Oh wow if one doesn't find the humor in that I feel extremely sorry for them. I have some funny pictures of my cats including a pair of them in a dresser drawer and one with a balanced Schlitz on its head. I should send them your way to create another masterpiece of comedy. By the way this is your wonderful cousin Emily.

12:31 PM, Feb 27, 2007

kipeticolas said:

I am too old to be a geek. I worked on an airline going into VietNam in 66. I am completely fascinated by lolcat, lolrus...the language. leetspeak? And the photos. The language is brilliant. I just saw funny Bush harbls..Thanks

10:41 PM, Jun 21, 2007

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