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Spiderman 2

It's awesome. Go and see it. That is all.

10:18 PM, Jun 30, 2004


thesmartone thinks:

I saw it @ midnight on premiere night, it was fantastic.

2:07 PM, Jul 5, 2004

bahua brooked no delay in saying:

According to google news, It has made a record 180 million dollars at the box office, so far.

8:40 AM, Jul 6, 2004

Gulia spoiled the calm with:

Saw it this weekend and it rocked! From what i understand, it's right in tune w/ Mavel Comics, which frankly surprised how cool is that!

10:43 AM, Jul 6, 2004

R.A._Heller wants you to know:

I was impressed that they tied in the beginnings of the HOB Goblin....also if you have not read the comics, the Lizard Man made a pretty good cameo as well. For those of you who could not pick out the Lizard Man it was Parkers one armed Prof. I am already excited for the third installment of the movie!

2:16 PM, Jul 6, 2004

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