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4/4/2003 6:19 AM

I made a slight update to the site, in particular, in the way that images are shown, on my pictures pages. I have hemmed and hawed for as long as I've had this page, about how to get it to look like it should , for all the ignorant, lazy, or evil people out there who continue to use Internet Explorer. It's such a monument to bad, unchanging, unimproving software that they(Microsoft) have officially removed themselves from the World Wide Web Consortium, an organization dedicated to establishing web standards, so the web, and the means of viewing it, don't wind up in the hands of one company or organization. Web technologies continue to get more and more exciting and capable, yet Microsoft sits complacent, holding down over 90% of all web users, keeping them from being able to see that which the internet is capable. For this unfortunate 90%, I have placed a browser snoop on some of my more enhanced pages that will redirect IE users to a crippled, scaled-back version of the actual page, while users of basically every other web browser will be shown the actual, enhanced content, as I intended it to look. This is currently evident in the Ireland pictures page, and more cripplings will ensue

6:19 AM, Apr 4, 2003

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