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Okay, Interview

I went for a quick drink at Gilhouly's last night, where I met up with Nick, Anna, Justin, Colin, Angela, Lorne, Jim, and some other characters whose names have been driven from my mind by beer and sleep. It worked out exactly like I would have wished. I got a pitcher of pale and was encouraged to close out immediately because of some screwy shift change that was apparently taking place. We talked about some of my successful exploits on the interpr0ns, and I was home for no particular reason by like 11pm. Am I getting responsible? I woke up with a book on my face and the light on at about 2am, and properly assembled myself for a deliberate bout of sleep.

I spent this morning messing around some more on the internet, and went to Midtown for Chinese food with Sarah. Actually, I haven't done that yet. When I finish this entry I'll scurry over to the transit plaza, as there is a southbound 51 with my name on it there.

Also, I have a job interview on Monday! Just when I was getting used to sitting around in my underpants...

1:02 PM, Nov 8, 2008

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