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Plans in the Works

I am working on some more features, to make this a bit more engaging, but am still in the planning stages with it. When I finish writing it, and if I can manage to do so, I'll unveil it here. I have been placed in charge of a big non-production environment this week, that basically keeps to itself, so I'll have some time to work on said new feature.

For the first time in a long time, it isn't painfully hot outside, and I can sleep under my blankets. How nice!

4:09 AM, Sep 3, 2003


GravyTrain thinks:

Make sure these 'features' do not suck.

3:57 PM, Sep 4, 2003

bahua took the time to say:

You can't hide behind your fancy cool names, lev!

The newest 'feature,' it turns out, will probably just be for me, anyway. Once I get it a bit more matured, I'll see if anyone else would be interested, but I doubt it.

1:59 AM, Sep 5, 2003

CalypsoCharlie chimed in with:

Also, I don't think a comments popup should have the entirety of the article in them. It's fine for short blurbs, but not larger articles.

7:49 PM, Sep 6, 2003

bahua said:

I prefer having the content on which comments are being made also viewable on the same page, but I guess that's just my preference. I'll ask some people what they think.

3:41 PM, Sep 7, 2003

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