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Peoria to KC

I went to Peoria, this past weekend, for the "at-home" wedding reception for Brian and Kathleen. It was lovely. I played bartender for about an hour and a half, and knocked 'em dead. I took the train out of KC on Friday morning, and enjoyed a time savings of two hours by doing so, instead of driving. While onboard, to busied myself napping, listening to music, reading, and staring at the rising and falling power lines, as they streaked past at 90 MPH.

I got back to KC last night, and to get home from Union Station, rode the MAX for the first time. It was much faster than I thought it'd be, but then again, it was 11pm on a Sunday. Equipped, I think, with a more powerful engine that its normal-bus counterparts, the bus powered ahead of what little traffic there was, with acceleration greater than my old Galant. That's not really a fair comparison, because that car wasn't excellent.

I am working from home again, this week, working, as ever, on perl-based web applications.

6:17 PM, Sep 19, 2005

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