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Spitting and Waiting

I walked down to Grinders with Jeff last night. We met Chris, Eric, and Damon there before settling down to a Unibroue-centered beer tasting session. I enjoyed the 2004 Ale a lot. After the deal with the tasting was over, Jeff and I still wanted another beer, and so found ourselves irrevocably drawn to JP Wine Bar, which also has a very respectable beer selection. By the time we finished our beers there, it was well after midnight, so we started walking home. When we reached the Main St overpass for the south loop, Jeff was struck by the call of nature.

While he was taking care of business over in the foliage, I busied myself dropping carefully timed loogies down on the rushing eastbound traffic. I cried out with glee when I windshielded a semi truck, and Jeff joined me in loosing whatever saliva we had in our mouths down on the unsuspecting traffic. Once our mouths were sufficiently dry, we started walking for home. Out of the shadows leapt a man in a black many-pocketed uniform and a goldish silverish badge who, convinced he had the drop on us, started into play this little one-act.

DUDE: Want to tell me what you two were doing spitting off the bridge?

US: <silence>

JEFF: ...and who are you?

DUDE: I'm the security for this site.

ME: Okay, we're gonna go.

We started walking away, as the guy frustratedly started trying to operate his communication device to call in backup. The dude was obviously a rent-a-cop, and probably of the same adventure-seeking sort that tried to scare me last year, and failed just as miserably. Jeff started to smarten his pace while we were still within visual range of the rented security person, presumably because of the biting cold wind. I calmly but urgently told him to slow down and walk completely at ease. "That way he'll know that we have absolutely no respect for him."

Once out of sight, we picked up the pace because of the cold, and relayed the incident back and forth to each other, each coming up with things we should have said, and whatnot. But all in all, we were pretty happy with how it turned out. i told some folks at work about it today, and was in return called a "hoodlum." I don't care. We're awesome.

Today, Kansas City iced over, and the temperature plummeted from yesterday's 58° to today's 14°. I'm expecting the arrivals of my father, step-mother, brother, sister-in-law, and both sisters via various modes of transportation, but still have yet to see whether KC's ice attack will adversely affect their arrivals later tonight. My guess would be yes.

3:22 PM, Jan 12, 2007


mildred offered:

Your site is broken. The new articles aren't appearing. Or else you are too busy spitting on cars, shooting out car windows with BB guns, and clubbing baby seals to update.

11:23 AM, Jan 25, 2007

bahua interrupted with:

You lose!

12:43 PM, Jan 25, 2007

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