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Pubcrawl Denouement

20 people. 12 Bars. Waldo Pizza, Bobby Baker's Lounge, Sharp's, Jardine's, The Embassy, Bar Natasha, Zoo Bar, 12Baltimore, Cafe Al Dente, Harry's Country Club, The Red Front, and The Stables made up the worthy string of locations over a period of over 14 hours yesterday. I would say the Second Annual KCATA Pubcrawl was a smashing success. Pictures forthcoming.

4:28 PM, Apr 22, 2007


staubio interjected:

A good time was had by all

7:04 PM, Apr 22, 2007

Cole cut in with:

it was a good time. I like how epicly long that day was. I was only mildly hung over. I think Pancho's before bed really helps.

7:40 PM, Apr 22, 2007

Spellcheck.exe had this to say:


11:02 AM, Apr 23, 2007

bahua brooked no delay in saying:

Fixed. I'm not putting the accent aigu on it though.

2:50 PM, Apr 23, 2007

voltopt had this to say:

A definite good time. I woke up Sunday with a huge appetite and well rested.

A great Saturday it was!

4:51 PM, Apr 23, 2007

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