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Kicky Practice

The kickball team got together at Mulkey Square Park, last night, and did some practicing. I think some fundamentals were definitely batted around, but we didn't have enough people. I suppose I should send out the invitation a little more than two days in advance, next time. We all took it in turns to kick, field, pitch, and in Liz, Maggie, and Kelly's case, smoke. After the rousing practice, of which we need more, Liz, Kelly, Jeff and I ran down to Minsky's on the City Market for some so-so pizza and terrible service.

I spent the remainder of my Sunday quietly typing various things at my computer, and watching my oft-neglected copy of Raising Arizona. I slept heavily, content with a pleasant weekend.

7:01 PM, Jun 26, 2006


Jeff said:

My leg hurts.

9:55 PM, Jun 26, 2006

Cole said:

I just bought Raising Arizona a couple of weeks ago. I made my 12 year old sister watch it. I didn't realize before it was Coen brothers movie. I guess that might be because I don't watch all movies on my computer so I can compulsively use IMDB on everyone and their dog handlers.

11:37 PM, Jun 26, 2006

Cole took the time to say:

I forgot to mention that its a pretty fantastic movie. Just so you know. In case you thought that I buy movies that I hate so that I can make kids watch them for punishment.

11:39 PM, Jun 26, 2006

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