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9/15/2002 11:36 PM

My brother is officially moved in, and has turned the apartment I labored to clean for his arrival into what can only be described as the sordid aftermath of a luggage bomb. He wheeled into town on Saturday afternoon, and I greeted him at the door with a beer, a smile, and a "welcome home!" Before we began the arduous process of bringing his eight things up from the car, we watched the end of the Notre Dame - Michigan game. It was an amazing finish, and an encouraging portent of the coming dual occupancy that will ensue. Joel moved out of his 8th floor apartment, and bequeathed to me an office desk and a bed. These were the first two big-ticket items on Brian's "I have to drop lots of cash for this" list. He loves the desk, and the bed, is very excited that he does have to 1) use the kitchen table for his computer, and 2) doesn't have to sleep on the couch/floor until he can afford a 1) desk and a 2) bed. So far, so good. I just hope he gets paid soon.

11:36 PM, Sep 15, 2002

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