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The Home Stretch

The last couple days at Sprint are passing quickly for me. I need to do a couple of writeups on things that I have written, so they can be taken over by other people, but otherwise, the workload has been relatively light. The question everyone asks me is, "So, are you excited?" So, here's an all-encompassing, "yes," to all of you who might read this site, and haven't asked yet. The midday temperatures have been hanging in the upper fifties and lower sixties, so it looks like winter's behind us. We still have some rain to get through, but luckily, I'm on call for it. I guess I'd better head to work.

6:06 AM, Mar 10, 2004

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Blas chimed in with:

So, are you excited... really?

10:39 AM, Mar 10, 2004

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