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Make me a Logo

I'm pretty much inept at visual creativity. I can't operate photoshop or photoshop-like applications to save my life, so I hope it never comes to that. I can clumsily superimpose images on top of other images for goofy-looking novelty purposes, but that's about the limit of my image editing proficiency.

As such, I need your help, because Brad has convinced me that the next version of this site needs to have a snappy graphical logo at the top of it. I've put a placeholder on there for now. I know there is a handful of people that frequent this site that know their way around the average normal taxpayer's image manipulation program, and I am now calling for their help.

There aren't a lot of qualifications for it, but it should at least moderately match the color scheme I've chosen for the new site, though I'm pretty flexible on that. Seeing as I have little idea of style, except that I like contrast. Incorporating something from my photo selection would be greatly appreciated, but again, it's not required. The only hard rule is that it needs to be 75 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide. Transparency is fine. File formats are fine, as long as any web browser can view them.

I've thrown together a slap-dash upload page for people to use, if anyone wants to actually make a submission. I'd really appreciate it if you'd like to make one. Not only will you see your submission on my little website, but I'll buy you a beer in real life.

Have at it!

2:10 AM, Oct 2, 2008


Brad offered:

I'll make you a logo. No sweat.

10:01 AM, Oct 2, 2008

bahua took the time to say:

I need more!

2:55 AM, Oct 3, 2008

citizen x took the time to say:

this website sux

6:47 PM, Oct 16, 2008

steve spoiled the calm with:


Does anyone have any ideas for a professional looking logo as im not great with design and ideas.

Need a nice logo for the business name; Salon Solutions

Its going to start with me going out to hairdressing salons selling professional scissors and later, add other products to the portfolio

Any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

5:54 PM, Dec 15, 2008

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