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Relaxing in the River Market

I got up relatively early on Saturday morning, and hoofed it right quick down to Succotash, on the City Market. I met Ryan, Andi, Eric, and Rebecca there, and we spent a solid three hours enjoying the weather and having a nice conversation. Jeff joined us just before we left the restaurant, and we all went to get some ginger beer and wander around the River Market.

Eric had to go pretty early, so we wished him well. We spent the remainder of the daylight wandering comfortably around the River Market in the sublime sunshine. We went down to the Riverfront Heritage Trail's head, by the old Town of Kansas bridge. Matt joined us down there, and we talked and laughed as we walked around the relatively trashy, neglected trail. From there, we walked up to the Cup and Saucer for a beer and a conversation.

We said good bye to Rebecca, strolled over to Babycakes, and picked up some tasty handmade cupcakes, before going to Harry's and sitting out on the patio. We ate, drank, watched our drunken neighbors, and got a little drunk ourselves before Jeff had to leave. Pretty soon after that, Ryan, Andi, and I decided to head down to Brookside and get some Bell's Two Hearted Ale, so we hopped on the next bus out.

It was one of the nicest Saturdays I have had in KC in a long time.

12:49 PM, Mar 12, 2006

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