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New Rule

If you want to give me a call for chit-chat while you're driving, please don't. I think you deserve the courtesy of my undivided attention when we're on the phone, and it's only polite to reciprocate. Also, your fellow motorists will be more confident in your ability to share the road with them if you don't have a phone jammed against your head.

If you have an emergency while you're driving, I'll be happy to take your call, but don't be surprised if I'm less than cordial when you try to "squeeze me in" to your schedule by trying to catch up during your commute. I'm not interested. I wouldn't do that to you, so please don't try to do it to me.

5:43 PM, Sep 22, 2007


chicus interjected:

Absolutely. And while we're at it, no walking while talking on the phone, you're still dividing attention between the conversation and crossing the street, fellow pedestrians, etc. TV, computers, etc. can be distracting even while sitting, I guess we should refrain from having those on as well. Personally, I sometimes get distracted by things going on outside when on the phone. I guess blinds should be drawn too. I've noticed cracks in my wall while on the phone, I'll start shutting off all the lights when talking to others. I'll find other ways to dull my sense of touch and smell, as well as sound outside of your voice.

OK, now away from sarcasm. It appears your issue is that you don't feel that the caller is making time for you and is instead using you to pass their time. I used to feel the same way and was VERY bothered by calls from cars. However, people are spending more time in traffic and driving in general. It's just part of our society and get used to it, assuming they are doing things to minimize danger to themselves and others, like using a hands-free device.

I do feel it is poor etiquette to end a conversation when you reach your destination (rather than when the chit chat has run its course). It says to me "you are good enough to pass the time when I have nothing better to do but our conversation is a low priority to me."

Still away from sarcasm, I do believe that making a call while walking to a destination is no different than while driving and if you are going to find fault with drivers you must also find fault with pedestrians.

8:14 PM, Sep 23, 2007

bahua commented:

I agree on all counts. The specific annoyance to which I refer is when people call me from the driver's seat, and interrupt the conversation with talk-to-yourself style commentary. I have one friend, who will be remain nameless, that would be in mid sentence, and break to swear loudly at the other drivers. I rode in the car with her once, and that one time was enough.

9:00 PM, Sep 23, 2007

cellular phone sal blurted:

christ. who cares?!

9:52 PM, Sep 23, 2007

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