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9/4/2002 6:35 AM

Well, I was pretty starved for more detailed information on the labor situation at Midwest Express. Then, a thought occurred to me. What news body would have more, and more objective information than the paper in Milwaukee, ME's headquarter city? I was searching for information on the airline's website, and that of the union. Both parties' stories contrast rather obviously, as one might expect. Luckliy, I got the scoop at the webpage of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Rapture. I'm still worried about the possibility of making it to Boston tomorrow, but not as much as I was. On a completely unrelated note, I have to reinstall the OS on this machine. I got a little too liberal with the tinkering, and I got my greasy fingers all over my C library. The machine now suffers from an identity crisis, along with not being able to allow me to perform basic functions, like compiling, or changing users. This doesn't sour me on Gentoo Linux, in the least, however. When messing with a computer's C library, any computer can be wrecked. I will attempt a reinstall, with a one-boot system. My plan, should all the stars align correctly, will be to install the OS, reboot with the new kernel, and reboot again only to move out of my apartment, or to react to a power outage. Cheers.

6:35 AM, Sep 4, 2002

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