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My Head Asplode

Ugh. One of the guys at work came to work sick, because it's apparently impossible for anything to happen without him being here, and as a result, I am now sick. Others will be too. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, and I was noticably shivering under the covers. Like an idiot, I didn't call in today, as I had it in my mind to leave here after our weekly staff meeting at 9:30am.

The staff meeting was cancelled, but the guy who made me sick told me he wanted me to stay until noon, presumably to infect some more people. I have been sitting still doing a horrible job of getting anything done, and counting the minutes until lunchtime, when I plan on getting the hell out of here.

My nose is raw from blowing it every three minutes, and is leaking "I am sick" brand liquid snot to ensure that I cannot exist without my roll of toilet paper nearby. My head has a light but steady ache, and my sinuses are pressurized. I need to go home.

11:11 AM, Jan 4, 2007


chicus wants you to know:

I got that on Tuesday night. Sore throat started at 7, waking up sweaty with incomprehensible night terrors started at 11:30. AWESOME.

8:15 PM, Jan 4, 2007

bahua was sure you'd want to know:

Night terrors? Holy crap!

I just took some nyquil. I will probably go to bed now.

8:22 PM, Jan 4, 2007

haterade drinker. spoiled the calm with:

i hate you because youre sick.

2:34 PM, Jan 5, 2007

bahua wants you to know:

You better believe I called in today. It's 4pm, and I still feel like certified ass.

4:06 PM, Jan 5, 2007

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