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Clevestonwark Wrapup

The Cleveland/Boston trip was fun, if short. I drove for a little more than half the trip, and Julia and I took it in turns reading A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, to each other. It was very nice. I wish I had some sort of interesting thing to tell you about the trip, but it actually went about as perfectly as we could have hoped, and that is without incident of any kind. Except for a wreck-induced tie-up in Cleveland, at the beginning of our trip, we never even hit any traffic, not even in Boston. We were able to maintain a speed over 70 miles per hour for the whole trip.

Carl met us at Anam Cara in Brookline, where I enjoyed a Stone Smoked Porter and a Smuttynose IPA, and some food of some sort.

The next day, Julia and I waited for the moving van to arrive and start unloading. Shortly after they finished, Julia dropped me off at the airport to go home. The trip home was uneventful as well, except for the realization that Newark has one of the wost airports in human reckoning.

It was cold and rainy, the whole time I was in Boston, and snowed just after I left. Since getting back, it's been over 70 every day, including one day over 80.

This morning, fresh from getting paid, I went down to the Jackson County Courthouse, and forked over a check for $1200, for the property tax on my car for 2004 and 2005. It was brutal. Next paycheck, I will knock out two of the three credit cards for while I carry a balance. After that, the significant amount I owe to the IRS for 2005 will be addressed. After that, I will be able to start saving money again. Can I make it? Tune in next week!

First Friday is tonight, but we might be rained out. It is April, after all.

4:05 PM, Apr 7, 2006

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