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This is what my forecastfox weather plugin says for tomorrow. Perhaps I'll need to do something outside. Does anybody know of anything that might be going on? I had a very nice weekend though. Let me tell you about it.

On Friday, I met up with Sarah, and two guys whose names elude me, but whom I have met on several occasions, at Teocali in Hospital Hill. I really like that neighborhood. It looks like a great place to buy a house. After watching the first half or so of an episode of a show I had never seen and of which I had ever even heard, called Flight of the Conchords. I laughed copiously.

After that I went over to Gilhouly's to meet Nick, and happily saw that Josh, Chris, and Ryan were also there. I also ran into Sadie, Blake, and Andrea, all of whom I hadn't seen since Nathan and I used to run around on Thursday nights, back in 2004. After a thoroughly good time out, I went home and went to sleep until I was roused by care-soliciting meowing at 7am. After feeding the cat I crawled back in bed, and slept until 10:30 or so.

When I woke up for real, I got a call from Carl, who was in town for a family wedding. So we went to Harry's for lunch, and walked around the River Market for a while. It was overcast and 71 when we left my place, and it was sunny and 92 when we got back. I had to put my deodorant on again when I got back. Carl made back for South KC where his aunt lives, and I set to trying to repair my computer. I then determined that I needed a new hard drive, so I sacked up and went to Overland Park to find a new one.

I went to Microcenter, and found a model that was almost identical to the one I was replacing, with a couple of small aesthetic and optimization updates. Three years ago, it cost me 155 dollars. On Saturday, it cost me 161 dollars. Not in three years has the 74GB Western Digital Raptor come down in price. Normally, I'd just newegg it, which I could have done for 150 dollars, but this was a time-sensitive issue.

Anyway, I was meeting some friends at Amber's place that night, and I figured that since I was already in Kansas, I should try to find some beer that I can't get in Missouri. I wandered without purpose through the streets of northeastern Johnson County(the only part of Kansas that I actually find attractive or palatable) until I got to Roeland Park, where I was running out of Johnson County in which to find a liquor store.

Because fundamentalist lawmakers and lobbyists in Kansas think that Jesus hates alcohol, they have forbidden the sale of anything with a higher alcohol content than 3.2% outside liquor stores. That is to say, to find anything worth drinking in Kansas, one must go to a liquor store. I found what might be the only liquor store in Roeland Park, and picked up a six pack of Boulder Cold Hop.

As I rolled into the parking lot, I took off the headphones I was illegally wearing, and heard Spanish-language music coming from somewhere. It was muffled, so I figured there was just a Mexican street festival going on. I opened the window, but the music didn't get any clearer or louder. Then it hit me. I started laughing uncontrollably as I pulled into a spot. I walked around the car and opened the trunk. The sound of enthusiastic Banda started blasting out my trunk as surprised Roeland Parkers looked on. The boombox that I carry for kickball had rolled over in the boot, and turned itself on to AM radio, which was apparently tuned to a Westside radio station.

Amber told everyone to come over at 6:30pm, so I came at 6:45 or so. Of course, my arrival predated anyone else's by at least an hour. But I didn't care. It was a lovely evening, and I love watching people rummaging back and forth putting out spreads of cheese, hummus, crackers, and cookies. Erp was there early too, helping Amber out, so I talked with both of them until the first other people arrived.

The night was fun, culminating in some broken articles, courtesy myself.

Sunday was a blur of watching the Chiefs lose, laundry, and developing a bruise on my palm from having to drive screws manually while I assembled my new shelf thingy.

10:32 AM, Sep 10, 2007

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chicus said:

driving + headphones = DUMB

11:50 AM, Sep 11, 2007

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