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KCI Wireless

We played some kickball last night and lost twice in the mud. However, it was a great success for everyone playing. I think we all played very well, and still kept up with the teams we played. A cadre of us went to Grinders afterward for a beer or two and to watch Obama's speech at the DNC.

Brooks and I went to the Caddyshack after that for another beer before calling it a night. Well, I called it a night. I think Brooks went to the bar down the street from his house from there.

I woke up without an alarm at 8am, and immediately set about packing and laundry. I took my car to Roeland Park to get it looked at at about 9am, and they generously gave me a ride back home. I made some calls and tied up some loose ends before Jeff, even more generously than the body shop, gave me a ride to KCI at 11:15am.

They have free wireless here now, which is nice, but it turns out I can't get on the web with my Linux + Firefox combination. Oddly though, ssh is allowed, so I've connected to my machine at home and x-forwarded firefox here. Anyway, I'm on my way! The next time you hear from me, I'll be an hour ahead of you.

12:17 PM, Aug 29, 2008

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dick cut in with:

damn you haven't flown in a while. They've had free wi-fi for over a year.

12:13 PM, Sep 1, 2008

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