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Stinkymeat Returns

It seems that someone is interested in preserving our history! The Stinkymeat project is back on the web!


The first one kept me well-entertained in early 2001, back when didn't suck.

4:18 PM, Mar 3, 2005


Rachel cut in with:

I remember that. I also remember feeling pretty nauseous. Whoo!

11:05 PM, Mar 3, 2005

bahua thinks:

Nope. Sorry. You're wrong. It's awesome, and that is that.

2:59 PM, Mar 4, 2005

Renae was sure you'd want to know:

I just visited the stinky meat project. I was able to skim through the 2nd project, but the first one was more than my gag reflux could tolerate! GROSS!

8:14 AM, Mar 19, 2005

Dave was sure you'd want to know:

Look, a NEW STINKYMEAT project!!! Just spotted this on Digg...

It seems that some college guys are at it again, except they're putting the plate above a damp shower stall... gross!

8:10 PM, Oct 25, 2007

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