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Plans Best Laid

It's all arranged now. I am officially going to the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston at the end of the month. I'll need to think of some way to document it, as I can't simply do a Draught of the Week, though I admit that I'm long overdue in providing one. I have been to a couple of events like this before, and all I can say is that the flavors kind of melt together in memory, so properly documenting the flavors and taste experience of all the beers I try will be impossible. Instead I'll need to do something else, that is sustainable for the duration of the event(regardless of dulled cognitive abilities), and also makes you angry that you didn't make the trip.

Stay tuned.

5:32 PM, Jan 2, 2005

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chicus brooked no delay in saying:

I had pizza once and wanted to remember the experience so I let hot cheese fall on my chest and leave a scar. It worked, despite my dulled cognitive abilities, I will never forget that pizza.

Just a thought.

7:50 AM, Jan 3, 2005

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