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Mozilla beats IE Again

You may notice that I added a latest post thingie to the page, and if you're using anything other than Internet Explorer, it should look great. For the unfortunately unindustrious people who are still using 1997's web browser, I have only this to say: Upgrade, because I'm not waiting for you anymore.

9:33 PM, Aug 26, 2004


chicus wants you to know:

I wholeheartedly support your desire to switch people over to mozilla. However, you are sending people who are unfamiliar with the product to DL nightly builds. I think you may be better off sending them to the latest stable release.

9:30 AM, Aug 27, 2004

bahua said:

I have found the "stable" releases to be anything but stable. The nightlies have been nothing but great for me. It seems to me that the only difference between what most download redirects do and what I did was that mine works on the first click.

I do see your point, though. I'll change the link.

10:01 AM, Aug 27, 2004

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