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8/14/2002 7:07 AM

I found out at work tonight that I will be unable to go home to Peoria for Christmas, so I guess I'll only be able to visit on the weekend before, for the caroling party. Furthermore, we have been asked to take as much of our vacation time as we can, prior to November 1st, 2002. I can carry forward 40 hours of vacation time to 2003, for use in the first two months of that year. I currently have 62 remaining hours of vacation for 2002, and I can't think of anything for which I'll be needing it, if I can't take any time off for Christmas. I am going to Boston over the weekend after Labor Day, and I'll have an extra day for that, making a comfortable four-day weekend in Beantown. Besides that trip, I really don't have any major trips planned before "The Big One," the trip to Ireland that My friend Alex and I are planning for late January to early February. Brian wants to come, too(obviously) and he's absolutely welcome, but he needs a job, so he can make it happen. Speaking of that, his resume is floating around my department, and it's possible that he might get interviewed for a job in the same group in which I currently work. That would make things very convenient for me, and for him too, I imagine. Cutting rent and bills in half is always a welcome change. My company made an announcement, over the weekend.

7:07 AM, Aug 14, 2002

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