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A Slow Christmas

I had a quiet Christmas, during which I unfortunately discovered my first MMORPG, World of Warcraft. So, I have little else to report from the last five days, besides the following bits:

I went to Harrah's with Jeff and the other Jeff on Christmas Eve, where I(in order) had a mediocre steak at Toby Keith's White Trash bar, lost $115 at the coldest blackjack table in the history of bad, met(along with Jeff squared) with Eric and Michelle, and watched Jeff win $143 on a slot machine, not knowing exactly how it happened. He hit the spin button, or whatever it was, and about 40 little boxes on the LCD started "spinning," and the thing took about four minutes to draw arbitrary lines across it, connecting apparently related objects and symbols.

I spent the actual day of Christmas at home drifting from one video game or TV show to the next. It was pretty depressing. I'm back at work now, with little more to do than when I was at home. I'm just looking forward to the holiday season ending, so we can get everything back to normal. I like it when it's normal. Everyone's home and can hang out.

3:19 PM, Dec 26, 2007

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